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Friday, 29 January 2016

Springtime comfort

I have had this April Cornell fabric for some time now - I just love the refreshing blues and yellows giving a hint of blue skies and waving daffodils to come. It is however blowing a gale outside with storm Gertrude passing through.

Anyway this quilt is a quick project for a chaplain colleague of mine who has just been widowed for a second time... The week before she retires from her chaplaincy post to the Deaf Community in Somerset.

The psalm quotations were from a fat quarter I bought in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. I am hoping it will give her a modicum of comfort in what must feel a lonely and empty time.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Allietare - The Reveal

How exciting the past few days have been. Quilting with friends is always a boost to a long days sewing and I had arranged to spend the New Year with my sister.. in anticipation of the 'The Big Reveal'. My sister seems to remember in a past Mystery Quilt... a quick fire finish and so we were ready all week for any extra cutting or piecing in readiness for the final part. However... Bonnie kept us guessing and we had to wait until New Year's Day for the Reveal.

I have a feeling that the time difference suits us in the UK as Bonnie posted at Midnight... which is just before we get up here... so my sister and I were putting our blocks together by 9am (GMT)

Above is my Allietare block which has turned out well.. but I don't seem to have taken a picture of the second block for some reason... I don't think it was quite so pretty.

So after a day and half of sewing I managed to piece the top as follows...

You can see how a greater contrast would change the look of this one... too much grey in my opinion.. but then the fabrics had been a gift from good friends when I moved and I wanted a quilt that would be used in my motorhome which the dog could sit on. This colour scheme suits that purpose. 

Anyway.. Saturday lunchtime meant I had to pack everything up and return home to London as I was working the following day and had some service preparation to do. It has not been until this morning I could add the final borders in readiness for quilting.  Even though I opted to do a half size quilt... this still measures up as just under 70" square!

I didn't go with Bonnie's suggestion of the border choice as because of the pale, muted colours it needed something to bring the quilt together and so I used my brown... of which I only just had enough for the border. I then had a look through my stash to find the green outer border and will complete the quilt with pink binding... when that moment comes.

I always question my sanity when I undertake to do one of Bonnie's mystery quilts - the weeks running up to Christmas are usually very busy when working as an Anglican priest... but I have just about managed it - having caught up with week 4 on Christmas Day and week 5 whilst camping. But I have got there in the end. 

Just planning my quilting scheme... I don't usually have quilts machine quilted but my sister has asked to do this one and the vast range of patterns to choose from is overwhelming. Anyway... I will mark my scallops next and hope to get it in the post to my sister this evening. 

Thank you Bonnie for all your hard work... especially the extra information like the pressing etc. If you want to see everyone else's achievements head Back to Bonnie's page.