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Monday, 28 December 2015

Allietare Part 5

It has been an interesting week doing my Mystery Quilt homework.  Since I am having a few days away, I knew I would need to bring all my Mystery Quilt fabric and equipment with me. Fortunately everything sets up conveniently in the motorhome and so today I have been busy getting part 5 done. As you can see my dog Piran has been supporting me - well I was having to sit on his side of the motorhome and so he had no choice!

Here are all the bits I have completed. Yes and I know that my constant seems to vary... but that is how my fabrics are .. not enough on one colour to do as Bonnie has suggested. Anyway... I am confident that the final result will be fine.  Back to Bonnie


  1. Glad to see you have managed to set up your own travelling sewing station. Eagerly waiting any news from Bonnie.

  2. Your fabrics are so pretty. I just had to go back and look at all your other steps and I love the soft colours you have chosen. Will love seeing this one come together.

  3. That's a pretty tight space to sew. But you are in good company!