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Monday, 28 December 2015

Allietare Part 5

It has been an interesting week doing my Mystery Quilt homework.  Since I am having a few days away, I knew I would need to bring all my Mystery Quilt fabric and equipment with me. Fortunately everything sets up conveniently in the motorhome and so today I have been busy getting part 5 done. As you can see my dog Piran has been supporting me - well I was having to sit on his side of the motorhome and so he had no choice!

Here are all the bits I have completed. Yes and I know that my constant seems to vary... but that is how my fabrics are .. not enough on one colour to do as Bonnie has suggested. Anyway... I am confident that the final result will be fine.  Back to Bonnie

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Festive Season

The weather is unseasonably warm here in the UK... though there are areas in the north of England that have been severely affected by flooding.  My sister and brother in law stayed over Christmas and today we have been out and about. Firstly watching the new Star Wars movie - 'The Force Awakens', which although I was not sure if it was really for me... it was actually very good.

This evening we went to West London to visit Kew Gardens lit up for the Festive season. Here are a few highlights.

Tomorrow I am taking off in the motorhome to visit family... but with more Mystery Quilt clues coming out this week I have had to pack up the fabric, the clues completed so far and the sewing machine. Spending New Year with my sister (Faberdashery) so we can complete the quilts together and make a day of it. But the mystery is 'How many more clues will there be?' My sister reckons we will be busy from Monday onwards....

Monday, 21 December 2015

Allietare Pt 4

For a moment this week I was ahead of everyone... another mistake I made was cutting out too many red rectangles on week 2 (I miscalculated how many I needed for a half sized quilt), so when Bonnie put the instructions on line... I already had 8 sets of red rectangles cut out. Alas... this head start did not take me very far as Christmas has caught up with me and I realised that I needed to get my Christmas cards written and in the post before the last posting date. This has meant I couldn't start part 4 until today (Monday).

So above are the 4 sets I have completed.... but it is getting late and I have a long drive to work tomorrow morning early... and so it is time to go to bed.

The rest of the sets are all ready to go when I get back... I have 18 sets altogether as although I am doing a half size quilt ... it is never quite half that you need to get the right shape so... it is half plus a few more.

This is a tough week after the other weeks. I think we need a bit more gold (my green) for next week's clue. I wonder if there might be more half square triangles....

Hopefully I will get this week's done before my sister and her husband come for Christmas... but I think Wednesday will be present wrapping and decorating... need to get a bit of Christmas spirit in the house before Thursday.

Back to Bonnie

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Allietare Pt 3 and a little bit more

My sister was very quick to get her homework completed this week (under 4 hours from Bonnie's post)... but I had an excellent excuse to get on with mine as well... I was using my mystery quilt journey as an introduction to my Christmas sermon that I was preaching at Oxford the following day. Not often I find my quilting doubles up as work.

All was going very well in getting these four patch squares done and only doing a half size quilt.. it goes along fairly quick as well. However, there was something that was bothering me. Bonnie's instructions called for the gold and neutrals - I had checked my colour chart and my equivalent colour was green / grey. I thought it strange that the colours were the same as week 1. Nevertheless my brain didn't quite make the connections... then I remembered the picture on my sister's blog (Faberdashery) and thought it odd that she had used a different colour this week - whereas mine were repeats from previous weeks...

Studying the part 1 instructions I discovered to my horror that I had made a mistake with my colours and instead of blue/grey (constant) I had used green. That discovery was about 11.45pm.

So I got busy to make a further 150 half square triangles of the correct colour combination.

So I now have two sets of half triangles and hope that I will have enough fabric to complete the project. I can only hope that in the next couple of clues there will be a need for 150 gold/neutral half square triangles..... but that is probably wishful thinking.

I completed the squares this morning. I realised I hadn't shown my cutting from last week... so here is this week and last weeks cutting requirements. I am fairly confident that my colour combination is correct now. I can see where the error crept in... I hadn't actually written out my colour chart with the equivalents on until after week one. Has anyone else made the same mistake when they have used their own colour combinations?

Monday, 7 December 2015

Allietare part 2

Well, I have got these completed just in time for the Monday link up. Not sure about my colours... But am hoping when everything comes together at the end it will ok. Tried a couple sets with a slighter bluer tint- These are extra to what I need... But I can experiment a bit with the final reveal in due course.
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