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Monday, 30 June 2014

Block progress

Here is block A-2 'One - Two - Buckle my Shoe - realised that I should have made flying geese and half square triangle blocks and then the overall result might have been a bit neater.
Can't say I was looking forward to the appliqué blocks, but this Hunter's Moon (A-3) is quite beautiful and I am very pleased with the result - even if the points are not perfect.

And to bring you up to date, here is block A-4 Courtney's Stethoscope. I quite like this block as well. 
I notice I keep saying how I like the individual blocks - let's home they look just as good when pieced together! 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

More decisions

Another decision I have made is to put the blocks together as I make them, this will make for variety and something to show and tell, apart from the diagram I will have. The original quilt uses only the background fabric for the sashing but I have decided to add cornerstones of the medium Aqua-gold fabric which I think will bring the blocks together.

I have to say these 1/2 inch squares are quite cute and with the beautiful colour of the fabric look like little jewels. 

This gives you an idea of what the cornerstones will look like in the end result. I have seen a few other Baby Jane quilts do this and it adds a little something I think.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Decision

Well, since I am not going to bother buying the electric quilt 7 software as I haven't got time to learn how to use it, I have gone for the simple design using the fabrics from Hoffman challenge and Royal Peacock blenders. My sister helpfully has made this outline diagram on her software and sent it to me, which I have printed out and as I progress will fill in the squares and triangles. Old-fashioned it is, but will probably save me time in the long run.

As you can see there are more than 3 blocks filled in - these the next few I have done and prepared to do. Having returned from my two days in Italy, I had decided just to get on with this quilt and not provaricate any further. You never know it might look quite nice in the end.

So it was back to the beginning and here is Pinwheel  Gone Awry (A-1) in the sea foam colour way.

Friday, 27 June 2014


I realised quite quickly that it is worth reading the hints and tips that the Dear Jane website gives as well as additional ones from those who have done the journey before. The curved corner pieces were sewn along the normal way of paper piecing for the straight edge whilst the curved edge was appliquéd with the paper removed towards the end. The sashing will neaten this one up, which is Melissa's Cross (B-11). This wasn't completed until my return home as I didn't have my appliqué needles or thread with me.

Apart from travelling home on the same plane as Bob Geldof, the other highlight of Milan was to visit the church of St. Ambrose, 4th century Bishop of Milan. His relics (full skeleton) are kept within the church and definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Milan.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Small beginnings

I decided to start the Dear Jane by making a few taster blocks to see how I went - well the real reason was that I was heading to Milan for a couple of days and had no portable sewing to take with me. So I prepared three, using the three different colour fabrics I have already mentioned. This one is the Trooper Green's Badge (C-1) and didn't take very long to do.

This second one was more challenging and I did the centre bits whilst waiting at Malpensa airport for my return flight. Those tiny triangles around the centre cross are very small and I am quite pleased they have turned out as triangles in the end. I finished most of it on the return flight. This block is Jud's Trophy (B-10) and had a moment of fame on the return journey. As I queued in the EasyJet queue, there was Bob Geldof in front of me.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dear Jane Journey

With encouragement from my sister, Frances, I have decided to embark on the Dear Jane journey. It seems to be one of the things one has to do in one's quilting career. The one problem I have had is that I don't really like the end result. I wasn't sure if I could invest that much time, money and energy into a project which I might not enjoy.

Last year I was visiting the States with my mother and bought some lovely aquamarine fabrics from the Hoffman 2013 challenge range and Royal Peacock blenders.

Iphone photos never quite do justice to fabric but the top three are from the Royal Peacock blenders and the bottom one is the Ivory-Gold from the Hoffman Challenge 2013 fabric range.

I don't have the Electric Quilt software, despite the recent launch of the Mac version and have decided I will just photocopy the templates and paper piece the blocks.