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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Beating the blues

As you may know the weather in the southern part of UK has been particularly bad since Christmas with some parts of Somerset having been flooded for weeks. How those who have been evacuated for such long periods of time are coping I do not know.

I took a lovely delivery of Palazzo fat quarters yesterday and how beautiful they are! However, it is difficult to fully enjoy them when you know that many people today in the Southwest really don't know what the future holds with their homes, possessions and livelihoods.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Final Link-up Progress Report

Well, I have made some progress since the last link up. I have sandwiched the layers together and have made a start quilting. It has taken me ages and a lot of pondering to decide what to do and even now I am not convinced I have got it right. However, with 3 more quilts that were completed at the same time as this project, I need to get them finished before I start to piece my next project.

Hopefully you can see that the red circle shapes around the yellow/black are just crosshatched and the  middle piece is then quilted in the ditch. It looks better than other options I tried and have had to remove!
I have used the same fabric for the backing as I did for the final border. It was some fabric I picked up in a January sale at about a 1/3rd of the usual price. When I realised it was a reasonably good match for the quilt, I went and got another 6 metres.  
I am sorry I don't have the final quilt to show you, this is the picture from last month but as I have said in an earlier blog, it will have a black border to finish, which I hope will be done by Easter at the latest. I am hoping to complete it before then because I find once I have decided on my quilt design, I start quilting quite fast. The other advantage of keeping the quilting simple is that I don't need to mark the quilt, which also saves a lot of time. 

Well, this has been an interesting journey for me. My sister even suggested I entered it at the International Festival of Quilts at Birmingham for Bonnie to see on her visit to England. However, one thing I have discovered while quilt, I have quite a few misfitting blocks (well probably about 30-40%) and really it is not show standard. But it was my first machine pieced quilt and I have learnt a lot on the way and if I join the mystery journey again I will approach the piecing in a slightly different way to improve the accuracy. 

Keep in touch during the year.... if Bonnie does another Mystery quilt the time will fly by and it will be Thanksgiving before we know it. Thanks for the lovely quilts to view on the link up.